Crown Wine Shipping was founded in 2012 by Rita, Joe, and Nicole Helfrick.


joe and rita helfrick - Proprietors

Joe and Rita moved to Wine country in December of 2012. Joe had an illustrious career in Law Enforcement and Rita worked in Dental Administration before moving to Healdsburg. They have five wonderful children: Natalie, Joe Jr, Nicole, Philip, and Theresa. With the youngest two still in school, Joe and Rita could not fully retire. They wanted to find a new venture they could start together, thus came the beginning of Crown Wine Shipping. In their free time they like to hike, volunteer at the local church/school, and visit the DC area often to see their first grandchild.


Nicole HelFrick - General manager

Nicole began training for Crown Wine Shipping back in November of 2012. She graduated from Saint Louis University in May of 2012 and planned to take a year off before applying for graduate school in Sports Psychology. Crown presented itself as a great opportunity for personal growth and experience. Shortly after opening in February of 2013, Crown Wine Shipping took off! Nicole does still plan on earning a degree in Sports Psychology, but only for fun in the future. She plans to continue her career at Crown Wine Shipping for years to come. Outside of work, Nicole loves to hike and hang out with her two favorite puppies, Benny and Souma.


Michael tutupalli - General manager

Michael began his career with us as a part-time on-call Operations Specialist in 2014. He started managing in April of 2017. Prior to his career with Crown, Mike graduated with a Bachelor’s in Audio & Visual Engineering from Ex’pression College in Emeryville. Shortly after graduating he landed a job at the famous Yelp in San Francisco. Impressed by his technological knowledge and background in sales/marketing, Crown deemed Mike a great fit for its future expansion. He proved his managerial skillset quickly by successfully taking over the floor during a major growth period for Crown. Mike loves to be outdoors, on a beach preferably with his pups.